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INDO INDUSTRIES is part of a specialized group of manufacturers and exporters who not only believe in Good Quality products but also Excellent Service. We deal in various types of Textile products, especially 100% Cotton Yarn. We are proud to be accredited by the Government Of India as a “Recognized Star Export House”. 

Indo’s impressive Pricing and Timely Executions give us an edge over our fellow Competitors.

Over the last 23 years, we have created a global presence in more than 45 countries, namely, the USA, the UK, China, Brazil, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Russia, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia, Peru, Columbia, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Philippines and many more.

Indo's complete control over the product's journey from conception to delivery, implementing systems to reduce errors and increase inventory efficiency has brought satisfaction to our New and Existing Customers. Our Customers have remained Loyal to us as we have been consistently meeting their Quality Requirements. The ultra-precision machines based on accuracy and repeatability at Indo speak for themselves.

We welcome you to the Indo Quality of Life!

Mission - Indo Industries Ltd - Yarn and Fabric


Indo has pledged to add persistent value value to the Indian textile industry, constant improvement of Products, and fulfill its obligations towards its Employees.

Our efforts will be towards achieving the highest level of Customer Satisfaction through the timely Execution of Orders and the delivery of Enhanced Quality Products.

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Our aim is to achieve an unenviable position by adding value to the Industry and, thereby, increasing our Country’s global presence.


Indo Industries has a foresight to become one of the safest, most desired work environment for the Employees for a long term.

Our endeavor is to become a world brand that is most sought after and sustainable to the environment.

Vision - Indo Industries Ltd - Yarn
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